Why Aren’t You Listening?

“Not being able to truly listen is indeed a spiritual problem. It may be good for Christians to get away from downloading sermons, stop reading blogs of their favorite popular pastor, and quit reading so many books alone. It will help us listen better if we pay attention on Sunday to the pastor God has given us in our local church, interact with him and other Christians face to face, attend lectures and Bible studies in person, and read books in a group setting. These types of things will help us listen better and contribute to the fellowship of the saints.”

The Reformed Reader

Life Together: The Classic Exploration of Faith in Community One thing that I notice from time to time is the fact that some Christians don’t listen.  As a pastor, I often get questions about various topics.  Sometimes I can tell that the person is not listening to my answer because he has already mind made up his mind even before he asked the question.  He was simply looking for someone to agree with his viewpoint and the question he asked wasn’t an honest one.

I also believe that the mass of Christian information on the internet and in print has hurt our ability to listen well.  A Christian can download all the sermons and podcasts of his favorite Calvinistic or Reformed celebrity pastor, read all this person’s books, and spend hours in front of blogs, FB posts, and You Tube video clips.  What sometimes happens then is that this person – largely self-taught – starts to get selective hearing. …

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