Tradition As Servant, Not Master

The Reformed Reader

The Case for Traditional Protestantism: The Solas of the Reformation I appreciate how Terry Johnson talks about tradition in his chapter on sola Scriptura (from his book, The Case for Traditional Protestantism ).  It is important to remember that solo Scriptura (by Scripture alone) doesn’t mean we do not value or honor tradition at all.  Rather, it means that tradition is a useful servant, but not a lord or master.  (Note: I’ve edited this section a bit to keep it brief.)

“Tradition in the church can help preserve orthodoxy and orthopraxy, and prevent corruption.  Sure, some have elevated tradition to a status equal to that of Scripture.  Even among those who do not do so officially (as in  ‘Holy Tradition’), they may do so informally, refusing, ever, to change anything.  …That kind of traditionalism is wrong.  But there is a proper role for tradition…. We may refer to it as that of ‘witness.”

“So we honor tradition.  We consult the…

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