The “Trivial” Old Testament?

The Reformed Reader

An Old Testament Theology: A Canonical and Thematic Approach Do we really need to read and study as well as preach and teach from the Old Testament?  Can’t we just stick with the Gospels and Paul’s letters? To answer these questions briefly, it would be unbiblical and unchristian to avoid and ignore the Old Testament.  I appreciate Bruce Waltke’s words on this topic:

“The Old Testament contains much that seems trivial to the modern Christian.  That is because we fail to understand the functions of these texts.  Aside from teaching us about God, sin, and the need for redemption, a significant portion of the Old Testament recounts the history of the people of God.  These are the narratives that constitute the memories of the Christian community.  These memories inform our identity as Christians.  Thus, Abraham is our spiritual father.  His story becomes part of our past.  The exodus, the monarchy of Israel and Judah, and the exile cease to…

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