Christians: Bought and set apart for God.

Earlier this year I received as a gift the book, THINE Is My Heart. It contains devotional readings accumulated from the writings of John Calvin. His writings include his Institutes, Commentaries, Sermons and Letters. Below is one from his Institutes. It was one long paragraph so I broke it up a little and the italics are mine.

For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.                                                                                                                                                         1 Corinthians 6:20

This is a very important consideration, that we are consecrated and dedicated to God; that we may not hereafter think, speak, meditate, or do anything but with a view to his glory.

For that which is sacred cannot, without great injustice towards him, be applied to unholy uses.

If we are not our own, but the Lord’s, it is manifest both what error we must avoid, and to what end all the actions of our lives are to be directed.

We are not our own; therefore neither our reason nor our will should predominate in our deliberations and actions.

We are not our own, therefore let us not propose it as our end, to seek what may be expedient for us according to the flesh.

We are not our own; therefore let us, as far as possible forget ourselves and all things that are ours.

On the contrary, we are God’s; to him, therefore, let us live and die.

We are God’s; therefore let his wisdom and will preside in all our actions.

We are God’s; towards him, therefore, as our only legitimate end, let every part of our lives be directed.

Oh, how great a proficiency has that man made, who having been taught that he is not his own, has taken the sovereignty and government of himself from his own reason, to surrender it to God! For as compliance with their own inclinations leads men most effectually to ruin, so to place no dependence on our own knowledge or will, but merely to follow the guidance of the Lord, is the only way of safety. Let this, then, be the first step, to depart from ourselves, that we may apply all the vigor of our faculties to the service of the Lord.                                                                – Calvin’s Institutes, III, vii, i


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