Arming Weak Christians

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I (Shane) am heading to the Desiring God Pastors’ Conference in Minneapolis today.  I don’t go to many conferences, I have to admit, but since this one is very close and since I can always use encouragement and instruction in the pastoral ministry, I’m heading there soon (if any of our readers are planning on being there, feel free to drop a note so we can say hello in person!).

On the topic of pastoral ministry, here’s a helpful word from Thomas Brooks that has to do with gospel preaching that strengthens weak Christians.  In the context of this quote, Brooks is refuting some teachers and preachers who were saying that each Christian has a “bosom sin” or a “beloved sin” that besets them.  His argument (summarized) is that while Christians may commit various sins, they do not love sins nor do they love to sin.  Here’s one of his…

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