Cyril on Faith and Grace (Commentary on Luke)

Good review from The Reformed Reader and some edifying quotes.

The Reformed Reader

A Commentary upon the Gospel according to S. Luke It’s been a treat to read Cyril of Alexandria’s (d. 444) commentary on the Gospel of Luke.  Some of his insights have been quite helpful; in fact, I’ve leaned on his interpretation more than a few times in my studies and sermons on Luke.  Recently I read Cyril’s exposition of Luke 7:36-50, where a sinful (but forgiven) woman showers Jesus with an extraordinary display of love and honor (much to the disgust of Simon, a Pharisee).  Here are some excerpts from Cyril’s comments:

“All ye people, clap your hands, and praise God with the voice of thanksgiving” (Ps. 47.1).  And what is the cause of the festival? It is that the Savior hath newly constructed for us a way of salvation, untrodden by them of old time. For the law, which the all-wise Moses ordained, was for the reproof of sin, and the condemnation of offenses: but it justified…

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  1. Richard

    One of the great fathers of the Church!

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