Three Things Our Enemies Cannot Do

The Reformed Reader

Volume four of John Newton’s Works is a nice collection of fifty of his sermons.  This is a great volume to get if you’re looking for solid, brief, and edifying devotional material.  Here’s an excerpt from Newton’s sermon on Romans 8:31.  I’ve edited it slightly and formatted it for this blog:

Whatever men or devils may attempt against us,
there are three things which
– if we are true believers –
they cannot do.

They may be helpful to wean us from the world.
They may add earnestness to our prayers.
They may press us to greater watchfulness
and dependence upon God.
They may afford fair occasions of evidencing our sincerity in the faith,
the goodness of our cause,
and the power of God who is for us.

Such are the benefits that the Lord teaches his people
to derive from their sufferings,
for he will not let them suffer…

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