Baseball, Character, and Faith

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Share the post "St. Charles: Mike Matheny – The Matheny Manifesto" There are two ends of the spectrum when it comes to sports: they are detested or idolized.  While I don’t consider myself a sports fanatic, I do enjoy and follow baseball and I also enjoy playing other sports with my children.  I believe playing a sport is one of the things in life that, if done correctly, can be good for a person in several ways.  When it comes to parenting, for example, sports are sometimes helpful because they can teach a child teamwork, loyalty, patience, how to lose, and so forth.  If you’re a parent who is into sports or a coach of a sport, here’s a book you’ll want to get: The Matheny Manifesto by St. Louis Cardinals’ manager Mike Matheny.

Matheny spent 13 years behind the plate in Major League baseball.  Because of the abuse catcher’s take behind the plate, Matheny had to quit the game because…

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