The Most Famous New Year’s Day Hymn

All this time, I never new the relationship between the hymn and 1 Chron 17. This article makes me look forward even more to receiving my copy of Newton’s Works, hopefully they ship next week. It is four volumes from Banner of Truth.

Tony Reinke


“Amazing Grace,” by John Newton, is the most famous New Year’s Day hymn in Church history. Newton wrote and unveiled “Amazing Grace” to his Olney congregation on January 1, 1773.

The entire hymn is inspired by 1 Chronicles 17, a chapter that speaks of King David’s past, present, and future. Newton does the same, reflecting on past grace, present grace, and the hope of future grace. It is a perfect way to begin the new year.

Newton originally titled the hymn “Faith’s Review and Expectation,” but today it is more widely remembered by its first two words.

The language and biblical theology of 1 Chronicles 17 drench Newton’s hymn. Setting the text of “Amazing Grace” alongside 1 Chronicles 17 will show just how deeply Newton’s hymn soaked up the rich biblical theology of this chapter of Scripture. Direct lines of contact are made by the terms house/home, word, and

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